Simply Flourish is not the next Magnolia Homes…although we wouldn’t complain if Chip & JoJo stopped by.  Simply Flourish is a collection of recipes, home improvement projects, and every day musings from our family as we seek to live well, simply.   Join us!

Flourish: Home

Tom is a native Virginian who grew up watching his dad build furniture by hand.  Some of that sawdust must have crept into his veins because when he’s not busy preaching & teaching, you can find him in the garage creating tables like his daddy before him.


Flourish: Sweets + Treats

Amanda, a born and bred Tennessee gal, loved all things battered and buttered.  That is, until one of her sons was diagnosed with an anaphylactic dairy allergy.  Since that time, she has been on a mission to create allergy-friendly recipes that keep her family’s bellies full and their hearts happy.